Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter, best time to get a coco and paint to great music!

I have tried for years to figure out when I am most creative. Turns out winter has to be it. The cold weather, the hot beverages, and music just bring this nostalgia part of my college days out. Looking out the massive windows in the studio, into what seemed an almost forest in the middle of the city. Westmount is still a beautiful old historical you could say wealthy area of Montreal, and it's where I went to College. Fall was equally beautiful there. And I also, think fall is a great time to reassess and plan new projects. I am a winter baby, maybe that has something to do with it, or that I am living in a big city, (Montreal, Quebec), and so my love for winter is welcomed in order for me to have this time to cocoon and process new ideas or old ones. With the exception of shovelling in a blizzard, it's beautiful to look at, Christmas would not be the same without the snow, and countless of other things would not be possible if we did not have this time of year. Besides, the air gets filtered and cleaned, and it's a time where I circulate the air inside to clear it out naturally. Works like a charm in a studio.

Today is a perfect example of this. It's minus 21 Celcius, the sun is out and the sky is crisp blue. I get very energetic on days like these, and the creativity just flows effortlessly. If it was not for the vast amounts of organzing I had to do today, I would solely focus on starting my new painting. I bought this contraption last fall to motivate me. I never had one all my life. It's a portable eisle. I got it from an estate sale at a good price and it's barely been used. It fits lots of tools and paints in the drawer, and has brass stoppers to adjust to any painting size no bigger than 24-28" if I am not mistaken. Once you finish a painting, you can actually carry it still wet without issues.
It's perfect to grab and go. Currently, I have this setup in the studio for me to paint my little paintings on. Why not? It's more practical than the larger eisle. Besides, like anything new to me, I have to get comfortable with it. I plan to do this shortly. I will post pictures of the paintings to come. I also encourage every artist to get one of these portable eisles not just for landscape or nature painters. Julian is a French company is supposedly making the best ones, but Mabef an Italian company, also makes great sturdy ones. I was looking into larger eisels and have found some impressive ones online. When the time is right, and I move, I will consider either building myself another eisel or getting one online with a pully system. I am thinking longterm, who wants to play tetris with their canvas that weighs a ton? not me! so this is something I will look into.

To end this post for today, I welcome everyone to join my social networks to stay tuned. I am most active on twitter so you can reach me there @studiocosentino.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Painting a Day "Lemon Lover" 03/18/14 by Rosemary Lucy Cosentino daily art

For your consideration
"Lemon Lover"
oil on panel 8" x 8"
March 18, 2014

* this painting was a study based on my limitation of color. I used 4 colors as opposed to 20+

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Color blocking in oil painting

I was inspired tonight by an painting I saw completely done in color blocking. It reminded me of the 70s somewhat, and with the bright purples and yellows and greens... the portrait came to life. I was thinking of going back to this for exercise and bring me back to dealing with values in shadows. It is very difficult to assess values in shadows unless your eye is trained to see color in strange places!
My next project will be to simply see color in and use color to shadow rather than use darks and glazing. Create the illusion using thick paint is rather challenging as well because light pigments require thicker paint, than dark shadows in oil painting.
I will post examples this week along with two finished paintings that are almost done.
Live, love, paint, meditate and bake on... :)

Painting a Day "Peanut Butter Toast no.3"

For your consideration...
Peanut Butter on Toast no.3
oil on board
5" x 7"
original painting a day

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Friday, June 28, 2013

it's not blank canvas syndrome... wish it was

It's been a while since I have written I should make it a habit. I am always giving advice to others so maybe I can have something of the sort happening here while my art is in contemplation. And while my jewelry line is as well. I picked up pliers yesterday it had been a while. I placed them neatly in their spot again and stared at them.
I was working in the studio, rearranging it after a few years it had been abandoned. The last painting on my easel was of my late mother. I just looked at it tried to think and feel and remember my last brushstroke on the painting, but I couldn't. I always kind of remember my last phase on a work.
I sorted everything out as best I could for now. I can squeeze fresh colors onto my palette and just go at it. Slap the paint on, or meticulously just dab it while I get lost in thoughts with music in the background a total must for me.
I can't bring myself to do either. I managed to sit and stare for some time. Not the blank canvas syndrome... just out right lost, daytime blankness starring. No sound, no music. Nothing. I was wondering if one day my ghost would haunt someone. My artist ghost. Scaring a perfectly young couple with random scrapings on canvas with brushes or palette knives, or echoes of my humming as I worked scaring the crap out of happy people.
I know the fundamental reason for this. It's been two days. I feel an emptiness. It's not my mom's unfinished portrait that's triggered this. I carefully placed it afloat the other paintings so I can easily grab it one day when I am ready to finish it if I ever do. It's something else.
I hope that whatever happened, whatever thing triggered this I pray it's temporary. I am never lost. I have become such a pillar in the craziest situations.
Live in hopes, as Mikki one of my bestie's says.

Monday, March 5, 2012

out of dark.. deep water

How fascinating everyday mundane things can be, when you realize that you have not had time to observe them, or you took them for granted. Simple things like starring at dust particles moving slowly shimmering in rays of sunlight. Or a new leaf on your little bonsai :) I am happy. Despite terrible things that happen to me, I think that good things happen as well and balance the evil darkness out. I still want to mention that being grateful is soooooo theraputic and healthy for your mind, body and soul. A simple thing, makes life rich.
I recently had a little "mishap" if that is what I should call it, and of course, it brought me down. But, as soon as I was surrounded by hundreds of other individuals with worse cases than me, I was - you got it- grateful. Grateful in that busy Emergency ward, that I was not dying, that I wasn't missing a limb, that my head was intact. I suddenly wanted to be home in my studio and painting. Painting and making things with urgency. Speaking of which, I wonder if anyone else as an artist, ever thinks of what their last work of art will be?
A little dark thinking. I think I'm going to be painting all week. I am not certain what, but I think it has to be something non portrait ...or maybe a portrait. I haven't painted myself in a long time. Like Rembrandt, I would rather leave paintings behind of different stages of my life, than be photographed (even if there was no photography in his day).
I will post an update soon, of my revival.

Friday, February 24, 2012

the coming of the storm February 24th, 2012

I have the Italian news roaring in the background with some nothern piemontese woman rolling her r's and making me mad. For lack of time to get the remote to change this atrocity, I can but only get a glimpse through the kitchen door window, of the grey gloomy afternoon, showing signs of little snow flakes, lazily falling down. Not the kind of snow that will "stick" to the ground. I read on Mikki's Facebook page that signs of a serious storm are heading her way. She lives in VA Beach. Whatever happens to her, inevitably happens to us up here in Montreal, Canada hours later. Reminants of violent weather.
I am currently working on my website. For failure of finding a reliable individual to FINISH my websites, both my art one and the jewelry one- I took matters into my own hands. Why not? I do everything else. No matter how slowly it comes along, it will get done. That is what counts.
People are asking me, "So Rose, when is the next BIG show?" I just ponder over this question and can't even respond like when peanut butter makes your palette stick so much you can't even open your mouth if you tried. Hmmm...good question. I am not committing to any show right now. It's that time of an artist's life, where I feel I need to find myself again. Yes yes...self-destructive mode, brooding.... suffer in silence time. Nah. Just a time where changes have to develope and the body and mind require a time of reflection and peace. A time to just "catch up". I am entitled to it, that is what I tell myself to justify it. After all, the last two years have been nothing short of hellish. So why not? I am taking a leave of absence from everything.
Goodbye world... I will see you all soon :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


This is the second time I am rewriting this post. I understand how a writer will have to take extreme measures to ensure compelete and utter solitude from any possible distraction. With a blink of an eye, I lost an hour of deep and profound thoughts I shall never retrieve sadly.
It has been a long time since I have blogged. For my art, for my jewelry, life or other. Sometimes, people need a break from their lives in order to be reborn. Some people take vacations, some think suicide is a solution, others turn to addictive substances. I turned to books. Getting lost in a good book quickly makes you forget. Then again, when life throws you lemons as they say...make lemonade- and share it.
That is what I am doing. Hello world! Yes world...I am alive and well.
So someone has rattled me good and woken me up from the deep deep sleep I was in in life. Makes me realize that there are still humans left on this planet. If I were to be reborn, I would not change much and would still want to be me. Sure a few minor changes would be acceptable. And it comes down to being grateful. Here is my two cents. If you are grateful, for whatever reason, the weather, your health, that piece of bread everyday, you wake up content in life. No amount of money, or materialistic things can bring that wonder to you- that feeling of happiness, bliss. It can be as simple as a hello from someone unexpectedly. That is the root of my happiness which branches out and hopefully touches everyone I know. Being grateful. A humble thing really.
Thanks J for waking me up. You are a hidden human alien hybrid maybe lol, that magically popped into my life and shook it all up. I needed it. Mikki, you too are one special kind of human breed that is my long lost clone.
Time for new concepts and artisitic challenges me thinks...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Oiseau Bleu shop in Montreal

Today I met a friend, and we went to Oiseau Bleu in Montreal. This shop is independant, and has a bit of everything from crafting to knitting, painting and sculpting. We browsed around for a long time, and I was surprised to find a new line of many trends artists have created over the past 4 years. I remember going crazy trying to buy scrabble tiles, and there they were. For $5 cheaper than what I purchased them originally. Next, I found miniature artist cards, precut and packaged in many textures and papers by Strathmore. Including the collectable plastic sleeves to protect them! Totally shocked, because I was buying large sheets of paper and cutting them myself (which is perfectly fine), only I was wasting time and paper trying to get them ultra perfect and no bends. These collector cards, created by artists a few years back, are an addicitive creation for artists, and addictive for collectors. You cannot just buy one and stop. Basically the artists create one work a day, and sell them on Ebay or other online shops. I have seen some fetch over $500 USD. So I bought them and will probably work my ideas into them, mini paintings or watercolors :)
Then...since I also make jewelery, I was shocked to see what they had added in their inventory. I bought my long awaited bench block. Weights a ton sooo I could not order it online. Finally will be able to make my original jewerly tags for my pieces! It adds that personal touch to them, and makes them more original.
We then hit the Value Village in hopes of finding treasures to use for our creations. Thanks Value Village- you are a blessing and indispensable to artists everywhere! Secondhand stores are amazing for artists, you always come out with some sort of inspiration. Some people I know don't get it- but you are not sometimes there to "shop" but to get inspired. It will happen that you will find that Gucci purse hidden somewhere that u just cannot put down especially since it is priced 9.99, but plenty of objects to paint, or craft with are available, and neat appliances like hotplates and kettles for the artist's kitchen experiments. My friend was extremely happy with everything she bought. She will now begin creating her one of a kind jewelery pieces which I cannot wait to see. It's fun to see where someone begins and ends with a piece no matter what medium. I will continue building my inventory so I can soon post them in my Etsy shop!

I will post them here as well.
Now back to my pork chops a la bourgignon in the oven...

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's been a long time!

Hello fellow Artists and art collectors!

I have been extremely busy and have forgotten all about myself in the process. My painting took a rest, but I am getting back in action and will be posting here soon! New works and videos :) I purchased a videocam with the scope of filming my brush doing it's magic on the canvas. I CANNOT wait to test the cam on some daily paintings!

2010 is coming to end, and it has been a difficult and challenging year. Disappointments in life become a notch in the soul that either depress you further or they motivate you in ways to push you to resurrect into greatness, even if you don't know it.

I ask my readers one thing. There is nothing worst for an artist, than losing your creative juices and motivation. All of you out there who are suffering, or have personal issues or other...set it aside for one moment, and think about one good thing, just one simple thing. Your favorite color, a favorite food. Something that will crack a smile on your face. An old baseball card, a doll. I am thinking of my scratch-n-sniff stickers I used to collect right now...sigh. It takes just one good thing to set in motion a chain of other good emotions kicking in and before you know it, you will be painting or scultping or taking the best picture of your life.

If you want to get your juices back physically you can go running or you can always take a pillow and stab it to death, that can also work too :) make sure you stick the reference picture of what is frustrating you on the pillow such as your credit card bill, that helps too. Don't stab yourself in the process though or you won't be creating much after you have released your frustrations!

I bid you all good night, and I look forward to future comments on my upcoming works!

"Every tree needs a friend" we know Bob, we definitely know that.

Monday, March 2, 2009

For your consideration...

Signed: yes

COA: YES! & autographed card included

framed: NO

Varnished: no

Category: Food/ realism

Title: "Butter maple custard donut from tim horton's"

Medium: oil on canvas board

DImensions: 6" x 6"

Date: February 17, 2009

Market Value: $540

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tim Horton's Maple Custard Donut

for your consideration...

Butter Maple Custard donust from Tim Horton's
oil on canvas board
6" x 6"
February 17, 2009


Canadian landscape painting a day

For your consideration...

Signed: yes
COA: YES! & autographed card included
framed: NO
Varnished: no
Category: landscape / expressionism
Title: "Lachine Canal View in Montreal Island"
Medium: oil on canvas board
Dimensions: 6" x 6"
Date: June 2, 2008


SOLD! Peanut Butter on toast painting a day


CATEGORY: still life / food
DATE: February 18, 2008
TITLE: "Peanut Butter Toast for Breakfast No.2"
MEDIUM: oil on canvas
Framed: No

Pearly Buttercream resin cupcake with glitter

for your consideration...

SIGNED: Cosentino, '08
CATEGORY: still life
DATE: February 21, 2008
TITLE: "Pearly Buttercream Cupcake"
MEDIUM: acrylic and resin on canvas
Framed: No


Sunday, December 14, 2008

I am in a new treasury on Etsy!

This work was selected to be in this wonderful
Treasury on Etsy! It would make the perfect gift for someone with everything. A nice addition to an art collection or someone starting to collect!

Strawberry and a half
oil on panel
6``x 6``
$125 a steal!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

SOLD! Cupcake paitning at Visual Arts Center Exhibition


to J. Walker, Montreal, Canada

SOLD! Vintage Marble No.2 Print via ETSY


Print no. 1 of 100
Limited Edition

"Vintage marble No.1"
8.5" x 11"
archival ink on paper

Comes with COA
Sold on: December 5th, 2008

Join my BUY AND REPLACE Thread on ETSY !!!

Join my (BNR) BUY AND REPLACE thread on etsy and get more sales!




Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Scrabble Art Pendant giveaway NO.2!

Hello all! I am excited to to have another contest! mention me in your Blog (link to my etsy shop CosentinoFineArt.etsy.com), and send me your name.

I will draw the lucky winner on December 14th. The prize has a retail value of $24.95 and comes with gift bag and certificate of authenticity! Shipping is on me as well!
Come on get going!

you will get something of the sorts!

Friday, November 7, 2008

SOLD! Success at Collective Visions Charity Exhibition!


to J. Walker, Montreal, Canada

The show yesterday was great! Lots of great artists, guests and the works...fabulous!
I am excited to say that 2 of my works thus far are SOLD! here there are. I will eventually upload pics from the show.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Charity Exhibition at McClure Gallery Nov.5 -15

Collective Visions 2008
featuring the artworks of
Rosemary Lucy Cosentino

other works by well known and emerging artists
Gala Art Sale and Exhibition Charity Event
Thursday, November 6th, 2008 at 6pm
Come and join us for
*exciting auction items
*good food,wine and company
*affordable prices & no taxes!
Tickets: $30
Preview: Wed-Thurs. November 5 & 6 from 12-6pm
Exhibition: November 5-15, 2008
McClure Gallery
Visual Arts Centre
350 Victoria Avenue, Westmount
For tickets: 514.488.9558

Gallery Hours

Tuesday to Friday: 12:00 - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Monday, October 6, 2008

Congratulations to the Winner of my Art Pendant!

Congratulations to Evie Abat from California USA, for entering and winning in my Art pendant give-a-way! Your art pendant will be nice wrapped and shipped to you shortly.

Thanks to all who entered and stay posted for more art give-a-ways!


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ok, people...

this is your last day to enter your name and email for a chance at winning one of my pendants. I will draw one tomorrow evening at 9pm my time.

hurry hurry!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Art pendant Give Away!

Ok people,

I am having a draw for one of my art pendants. send me your emails and I will draw one on September 15th.

I have not decided which pendant yet. I will keep you posted!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Cupcake in ETSY treasury

Here is an ETSY treasury I finally got to make! Enjoy!

This painting is SOLD but prints no. 3-100 are available for $20 each in my ETSY shop.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


CLICK HERE to see it: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=1280

DATE: 2003
TITLE: "Resting Ground"
DIMENSIONS: "5 x "7 x 2"
MEDIUM: oil and encaustic on wood gallery panel

BUY NOW via email: studio.cosentino@sympatico.ca

Oil Paintings