Friday, August 17, 2007

Waiting List and THANK YOU EBAY!

Patience is a virtue... good things come to those who wait. I am so overwhelmed with work! I have never before been this busy with painting requests. I urge anyone who is thinking of having a painting done or wants one from me to just email me. The list is growing. The longer you wait the longer it will take to get your name on the list and get your work to you.

I decided to accept work/requests for the next 2 weeks. After that I will stop until I clear some work. I forsee getting up to date by early November.

I will continue to post daily artworks as often as I can. They are sometimes sold before I get a chance to post them this is why you do not see them as often. I also do not have too much time to post the works up as I am painting most of the time and do not have any assistants painting for me (but that is a whole other topic!).

I have 3 daily paintings for sale on Ebay. The rest is my resin cake works. I am planning to do 200 or more Cake Series by next Spring. I can't wait!

Again, anyone with favorite toys is welcome to have their toys "portrait" painted. I love Star Wars, Barbie, anything from your childhood. I love working from life, but for customs like this unless you ship your toy to me or I own one, I can also work from a photograph.


I want to thank Ebay, for giving artists an art venue. Those who thought never to get anywhere with their artwork are really booming their careers. Or supplementing it. I also want to specially thank customers for having faith in artists on Ebay. We are not all scammers, and actually work very hard to paint and keep things running smooth. There is a lot of scam art out there it's unbelievable. But, customers are getting smart and know what to look for. Not a reproduction, not a Sunday artist, but real-time artists who actually do it for a living, professionally and seriously. I can talk about this subject for days...anyways, thanks again Ebay! I just wish that on artwork, fees would be subsided. Not all artwork sells for market value, and the artist barely makes a profit since materials are so costly. It would be fantastic if fees were waved for self- representing artists. I doubt this will ever happen.

Till next posting...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

SOLD Tutti frutti's French Market Delights Resin Painting SOLD!

without resin finish

"Tutti Frutti's French Market Delights"
mixed media painting on canvas
24" x 24"
July 2007

This painting was commissioned by a Coffee Shop in Florida. They have commissioned 2 more works as well and they were just amazed when they received this piece. They had no idea that there was glitter in the thick resin and that the gloss was so thick.

I will be happy to make custom Cakes , toys for anyone. Just email me! I work with your budget!

SOLD!Resin cake Series "Cupcakes II"

to Eve Crasto in Ontario, Canada

Cupcakes II
mixed media painting on wood panel
6" x 6"
July 2007

I love this piece! This and Double trouble II are my most in demand from the Cake Series. The photos do not do these pieces justice.
SOLD. If you would like a similar piece, you can email me. I am open to any budget.

SOLD! Resin "Double Trouble II" Cake Series

to Eve Crasto in Ontario, Canada

Double Trouble II
mixed media painting on wood panel
6" x 6" July 2007

This is one of my more famous in demand cupcake artworks. My resin art cakes are just so much more impressive in person. The glitter the colors and thic resin just do not come out right in phtographs.

For your custom cake artwork, do not hesitate to email me. I am open to any budget and request.

SOLD "Lemondrop Generation No.1", Painting a Day August 14, 2007

to A. McCarthy in
Youngsville, LA

This is a My Little Pony painting of first generation collector pose Lemondrop. It is oil on fiber board approximately 5"x7". this is a DAY painting. I also do NIGHT paintings.
I am an avid collector of 80's toys and love them. I have many MLP's and will be painting a lot more of them since you big fans out there request these so much.There is such a huge demand for these I had to bring them back! Please check this painting in my Ebay auctions! Email me for customs of your favorite toys or My Little Pony as there is a waiting list until November 2007.

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