Monday, March 5, 2012

out of dark.. deep water

How fascinating everyday mundane things can be, when you realize that you have not had time to observe them, or you took them for granted. Simple things like starring at dust particles moving slowly shimmering in rays of sunlight. Or a new leaf on your little bonsai :) I am happy. Despite terrible things that happen to me, I think that good things happen as well and balance the evil darkness out. I still want to mention that being grateful is soooooo theraputic and healthy for your mind, body and soul. A simple thing, makes life rich.
I recently had a little "mishap" if that is what I should call it, and of course, it brought me down. But, as soon as I was surrounded by hundreds of other individuals with worse cases than me, I was - you got it- grateful. Grateful in that busy Emergency ward, that I was not dying, that I wasn't missing a limb, that my head was intact. I suddenly wanted to be home in my studio and painting. Painting and making things with urgency. Speaking of which, I wonder if anyone else as an artist, ever thinks of what their last work of art will be?
A little dark thinking. I think I'm going to be painting all week. I am not certain what, but I think it has to be something non portrait ...or maybe a portrait. I haven't painted myself in a long time. Like Rembrandt, I would rather leave paintings behind of different stages of my life, than be photographed (even if there was no photography in his day).
I will post an update soon, of my revival.

Oil Paintings